IFit was really - calcultaing - real people

the hits donot stop _ so- the - place might increase those if its - written- wrong - as this is anyways - itsnot going to be here long the new paper is published every single day - _ that is known as class a - _ the source - is not about more - if all that was just left a messonline class a ads woudl then be worth less and nobody would have a job because whatpeople look for - is not news - anymore - no more news - _ is what its really about is - the margin - of almost zero - _ the things that are for sale - its almost nothing - - _ if people admit it maybe you a client will feel like such an ass - for - - taking it anyways - somebody thinks 5$ is worth - getting a customer over means that is it ) i do to their was people giving away 150 dollars just to have a new customer no the -media corp who is also the stock broker who also owns - branches who is also the same old people - on wallstreet bank zero - - not a good day for america ) nor - -0 a memeory aout that - 4 years - 5 years how many years is it - before the zero is to much did not they paid themselves by creating new accounts that lead to no where must close - down everything this is not - just because im nice 0 they choose people who dont go to the police to victimize - _ in the long run - _ i dont think - that - matters when - anyone can file those liens -
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